Tessa is a powerhouse of skill, wisdom, and TRUTH. As a fitness, health, and wellness professional, she knows how to inspire and motivate her clients from the inside out so that they experience transformation that is lifelong and so magical.

She is an expert at assisting her clients to tap into their own inner wisdom so they can let go of the trend diet and fad workout experience forever! FREEDOM! Finally, Tessa is a master at helping each client learn how to love and accept themselves both internally and externally which is PRICELESS.  

Tessa’s heart is as big as the ocean and she leads with Love. I am in awe of her.”

Cora Poage, Coach, Speaker, Actress and Founder at Sexy Soul Wellness (http://www.sexysoulwellness.com)

“Tessa is a one-of-a-kind personal trainer and health coach. Not one to shy away from being the most up-to-date, knowledgeable and creative, a session with her reveals her immense preparation and skill and complete understanding of what it’s like to be in “this” body.

She walks the talk and demonstrates immense compassion – but that doesn’t mean you don’t work your body really hard! Her enthusiasm and vitality incite me to do my best for her. Feeling on top of the world is the end result of working with Tessa.”

Diana Cullum-Dugan, registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, yoga therapist (www.NamasteNutrition.net )

You are the best health and fitness coach I have ever had, you really made a difference in my life, I can’t thank you enough. You changed how I felt in my body and how I saw and treated it for the better. 

Stesha C

Over the past 10 years I have tried it all, home work out videos, going to a gym, paying lots of money for nutrition guidance and personal training, to doing over the top crash diets but none of these things were really working and they were not sustainable at all. To make my mental gymnastics worse when I started my business I had this idea that I had to look the part which to me meant weighting 100 pounds and wearing a size 00. This is not what success looks like and Tessa helped me to realize that. This is where Tessa separates herself from the rest of the industry. She doesn’t just put you on some arbitrary plan she listens to what your needs and goals are and guides you as you discover what really matters to you.  She helped me have a better relationship with food and with fitness not only from a physical standpoint but more importantly a mental one.  6 years later I have a successful business that makes me happy and it has nothing to with what I look like but who I am. I highly recommend Tessa, she will rock your world!

– Jaclyn Lombardo Owner of Jaclyn L. Photography

“Tessa is not your average fitness trainer. She’s a health coach, fitness guru, friend, and a super-warm life coach all wrapped up into one. In my time with Tessa, not only did she help me transform my body, but she made me realize what I was capable of. I not only found my physical strength but also my emotional strength, and I always felt better after a session with Tessa.

I love Tessa and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her. Know that A) If you can work with her, you’re very lucky; and B) She will 100% – absolutely – change your life.

Corinne Dobbas, MS, RD, RYT, wellness coach, dietitian, yoga teacher, and founder of www.CorinneDobbas.com

“I’ve been working with Tessa for almost five years and honestly, I look forward to every visit with her. She starts my day off on the right foot—feeling positive and motivated to keep moving while inspiring me to keep reaching all my athletic goals. She knows how to clearly map out a plan without having to be in the gym for hours or get injured.

With her encouragement and goal-oriented functional training I have accomplished some of my life goals:  climbing Mt. Washington, swimming in the Save the Bay race, and hiking the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu! I am looking forward to the next five years!

Kathryn K. Banner, Kathryn K. Banner, M.D., Internal Medicine

“I trained with Tessa for 3 years over Skype. During that time, she taught me how to workout from home and live a super healthy lifestyle. I got really strong; learned to move with proper technique; and improved not only my posture but also my cholesterol and self-confidence. I finally felt ready to try other types of training programs and was looking for something affordable in a team environment.

I decided to try Crossfit and instantly fell in love with the “high” I felt from the heavy lifting and competitive workouts. I wanted MORE so I pushed myself harder. I was very naive, and I learned the hard way. I soon found myself injured and back at stage one. I went back to Tessa with my tail between my legs. From facebook I knew a little about her new online program.  I so badly wanted to be a part of it that I flew out to RI last year to experience the program first-hand.

Flying out to Rhode Island to experience her training in person reminded me what types of training are best for me and my body to see the best results and continue to feel amazing without getting injured. I’m so excited for everything to be online. 

The team energy and support I experienced in her online program was more than I could have ever imagined. Tessa helped me slowly realized that despite my injuries, I could still workout, just not the same way I had been. She took me back through the basics in each workout, and I actually started to see better results than I did during my high-intensity workouts.



“I had the pleasure of working with Tessa 8 years ago. Back in 2008, I was going through a divorce and struggling to get my weight under control after having a baby. With Tessa’s tough love, patience and belief in me, I was able to lose the weight and accomplish my goal to complete a ½ marathon (in only 2 hours and 8 minutes might I add!). Fast forward 8 years and I again have the amazing opportunity to join her online coaching group.  What makes this so special is that Tessa is following her dream of impacting the fitness and health world.

Her three-prong approach is teaching the connection of mind, body and life. I have just finished my second week in her online group and it is not only rocking my views of health and fitness but also my mindset! My body is getting a great workout but more importantly I’m amazed at how much emotional support I am getting in this program. With Tessa’s help, I have been working through my food addictions bit by bit. I feel blessed to have the compassion and tools to create my road map on this new journey. ”


“When I first started with Tessa, I was a little hesitant because my back had just gone out, and I had just joined Weight Watchers to help me lose weight. But after one session, I immediately felt relief in my back; and after one week health coaching, I quit Weight Watchers because I’d finally begun learning how to listen to my body’s needs instead of worrying about how many “points” my food was worth. I 100% trust being in her hands and know I am constantly getting mentally and physically stronger.

Though I lost pounds and inches, it was what I gained that I loved even more – a great community, a healthy outlook, and a high level of energy that compels me to keep moving.

I love this girl so much. Her energy and enthusiasm is just awesome. It’s what keeps me coming back.”


“Tessa, You really do have an effect on people. Through our personal training sessions you got me to push myself past personal barriers, revealing the active person I knew I could be! I think about you every time I have a crappy spin class instructor too…because you are the best I’ve had.

Fast forward to 2015: I thought you might like to know that I am officially nicotine and alcohol free for over 3 years, finished my 2nd Boston Marathon in 2:40:30 in 2015, and on track to crush that time this April 2016. It’s true. We all have a chance to start over and live the life we were meant to have. You inspire me. You’re so badass. I love you and miss you!

Michael FitzPatrick, Manager at Summer Shack

“Tessa was my personal trainer for approximately four years. (until she moved to Rhode Island permanently). Her coaching urged me to eat better and do more and more physical activity so I would be able to keep up with my demanding court cases. Those briefcases can get really heavy, and I was constantly straining my back lifting them.

But after working with Tessa, I learned how to move my body the right ways, and as a result, I never sustained any injuries. In fact, working with Tessa is quite the opposite. She helped prepare my body for the intense outdoor activities that I continue to participate in my 70’s – extended bicycle riding trips and extreme canoeing adventures.

I had done a number of cycling trips prior to working with Tessa, and on those trips, I would very quickly develop back and hand pain, and require large doses of ibuprofen to make it through the trip. With Tessa, she prepared me so well that it wasn’t until I was quite far into my one-week ride that I needed any medication. On the canoeing trip, there were real dangers, as we were in a wild area and forced to be very agile on a moment’s notice. The training Tessa gave me for this excursion probably saved me from a serious injury. I recommend Tessa to anyone of any age looking for solid physical training and conditioning.”

Norman Zalkind, Owner at Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP (Best Lawyers in America/Boston Magazine's “Super Lawyer”)

“I have been personal training with Tessa for over five years. I am 51 now, but I feel better and have more energy than I’ve had for the last 10-15 years. Working with Tess things just happen – at least from my point of view, though I suspect there is a lot more behind it.I think the secret to Tessa’s methodology is creating balance. I used to chase a quick fix to lose weight, get stronger, get rid of back pain, etc. but none of those worked alone. Tessa showed me how to create sustainable and realistic plans to address ALL of these variables.

Sure, the workouts are not easy (they always challenge me!), and it’s been so helpful to incorporate functional training and yoga into my everyday lifestyle. We’ve even developed “targeted go-to” routines for me to do when I have back or knee pain, and without fail, they always make me feel better! I’ve even almost gotten that “six-pack”, though we agreed that maintaining it would require a lot more work on my part. I love having so many alternative ways to stay strong enough so I can enjoy hiking, dancing and acting/performing for fun.

Another important factor – at least for me – is ability to workout remotely over Skype due to my demanding work schedule. Funny thing was that before I knew it, I started to like remote workouts more than live ones because it allows me to spend more time with my wife and kids. With her guidance, I was able to create the perfect set up in my home for sessions and now, I have enough sports equipment at home to get workouts in between sessions. Now I have no excuse to ever miss workouts!”

Vald Gritsevsky, Principal Software Engineer at Convexity Capital Management

“Flexibility, stability, and strength. You can have one without the other but you can’t have balance without all three. We strive for balance in our lives, but often don’t with our fitness goals. Working Tessa has been all about achieving balance both in my workouts and in life.

Since starting my journey towards achieving that balance, my body feels better than it has in 10 years, regaining the energy and confidence that I had lost along the way. Thank you Tessa for helping guide me towards that balance, becoming a healthier, more energetic, and more confident version of me along the way.”


Tessa is so nurturing and motivational she got me, the most undisciplined person alive, excited about working out! She really knows her stuff, especially when it comes to caring for women’s bodies during and post pregnancy. Working with Tessa not only brought me to peak fitness but did wonders for my mental health as well. Workouts with her are thoughtfully crafted and never boring! She is very instinctive about which days to keep it flowy and which days to push you harder, always getting me out of my head and into my body and feeling my best!

 Jennifer Bienaimé

“I met Tessa at a dark time last winter 2015.  I was recovering from a slip on the ice, that resulted in a broken ankle and fibula and getting hit with the flu twice. Being sedentary was difficult for me as a 50-year-old busy mom, teacher, yogi and runner who was carrying around an extra 40 pounds.

She taught me to accept what I could not change, be patient through my healing, and make healthy food choices. Perhaps most importantly, she provided me with a strong community of support both in-person and online. I am so grateful for Tessa! I am down 23 pounds, and I have adopted “mindful healthy eating habits” that specifically work for me.”


Tessa goes above and beyond to help us figure out the kinks in our lives, both mental and physical. I can honestly say that deciding to work with a coach is the best thing I ever could have done for myself at this point in my life. I will carry the lessons I’ve learned for the rest of my life. If you need to make changes and are ready to do so I highly recommend signing up.”


Tessa has helped keep me mentally and physically in shape. My career and life are so demanding that sometimes I forget just how important my self care and health are. She always knew exactly what I needed and consistently delivered workouts that were specific to my goals and needs while being realistic about my travel and work schedule. I was very excited and sad to see her permanently move to Rhode Island to be with her now husband, Daniel. Tessa, I hope you know you are one of my favorite people and I wish you the best.”

Andy Husbands, Award winning Chef/Owner of Tremont 647 (Best of Boston), Author (Wicked Good BBQ, Wicked Good Burgers, Grill to Perfection) and TV personal (Hell's Kitchen)

“Before I met Tessa I had taken a long hiatus from exercising regularly after being diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease.  I was frail and weak and often had very little energy.  I turned to personal training to help me become stronger physically, but the benefits I got from having a fitness coach like Tessa went well beyond my physical being.  Tessa not only encouraged me to always do my best, but also to listen to what my body was telling me and to be patient with myself.

She was always enthusiastic and fun. She taught me to love the journey, be kind to myself, and have pride in my commitment to getting stronger.  She helped me stay positive and consistent, even on days when I wasn’t feeling great.  Gradually, my strength and energy increased; I grew to love working out again; and I became more confident.  A few years after I met Tessa, I met the man who would eventually become my husband, and I have no doubt that Tessa’s guidance played a role because she helped me become the best “me” I could be at that time.  We even created a binder of workout routines that I still use to this day.

Tessa is different than other trainers because she cared about not only my form and establishing fitness routines I would really stick to, but she also cared deeply about helping me get back on track and to stay on track in the long run.  I will forever be grateful to her for everything she taught me.  We have stayed in touch over the years, and it has really been a pleasure to watch her succeed and help make the world a better place by spreading health, love, and positivity wherever she goes!”

Donya McLamb, Associate at Industrial Economics, Inc.

“As a former athlete, I missed feeling strong and had put exercise on the back burner. Tessa taught me how to make myself a priority again.

By consistently showing up for every health coaching session and group workouts, bonus meetup, and participating in the private facebook group, I was able to stay motivated and connected to everyone. Being able to talk to other people and hear their stories reminded me I wasn’t alone on this journey.

Also, as someone with a huge sweet tooth, I was able to learn how to create healthy desserts that left me satisfied instead of bloated and still wanting more. Working with Tessa I was able to do more than just get fit; it was an opportunity to build relationships with others and myself. ”


What Tessa helped me accomplish is not just a physical outcome. She incorporate all aspects of your lifestyle such as your eating habits, job and daily activities in developing your personalized plan. With all of that in mind she showed me a variety of techniques to accomplish your goals.  Along the way the program encourages you to view yourself with love, respect and forgiveness.

It is not just about a short term vision for yourself.” Tessa is dedicated to helping individuals work on their personal fitness goals and well beyond. 


“You helped me gain my power back. 

I have been doing everything you have taught me, and it’s working! I have gotten stronger, and I feel sexy in my body and confident in myself. Being a mom of 3 rugrats, this was a huge for me!”


“Before meeting Tessa, I was an active marathoner for 11 years, hiked the 48 4 k’s, fly-fished for everything from trout to stripers, and spent 40 nights a year on the trail.  However, as I started to age (I am now 45), I found that I had more injuries and problems doing what I considered ordinary activities. I finally landed in Physical Therapy for an overuse injury in my knees and that led me to find Tessa – my Trainer Extraordinaire – and for 2 and a half years, I worked out twice a week with Tessa.

She gave me unique workouts that targeted different areas each session and kept things interesting. My shoulders that had once suffered separations and dislocations, regained their strength and stability under Tessa’s guidance, and the chronic pain that I had once experienced was finally gone. I now lift and carry on like I did when I was in my 20’s.

Yes much less hair, but I can toss bags of soil and mulch like a kid again. I can now also enjoy many outdoor activities injury-free, including running, gardening, kayaking, fishing, climbing, backpacking and playing with my nieces and nephews. The most telling thing from our training is that whenever I see friends and family, they think that I have lost weight as I am slimmer and more solid. I have lost 10 pounds of fat and gained around 6 pounds of lean muscle and overall am in much better shape. When they ask me what has changed, I tell them it was working with Tessa.”

Tim Horn, Partner and Director of Services at Riemer and Braunstein LLC

“My name is Bobby Brenner, and I own and operate a Martial arts school and fitness center in North Kingstown, RI.

Throughout the stress and minutiae of life and business owning along the way, I started focusing more on my clients and students and stopped taking care of myself. When I met Tessa a year ago I was at the highest weight and lowest level of fitness I’d been at in as long as I can remember. Now, a few weeks into my program  I have my energy back, I’m getting more mobile and feeling better, and I’m well on my way back to my awesomeness!”

Bobby Brenner, Owner + Operator of Narragansett Bay Budokai

“I have known Tessa for seven years, and can truly say that she is an outstanding health and fitness professional. Tessa brings energy, attention to detail, and diversity to her exercise programing. Her thirst for knowledge and growth both personally and professionally was infectious to be around. It has been wonderful staying in touch as we both developed ourselves professionally. Excited to see everything she has coming and would highly recommend Tessa!”

Eric Wilson, NSCA, NSCA, ACSM, Owner and Founder of Movement Specialist and Accept Personal Training School

“I have been working out all my life – swimming with the masters team, cycling long distances, etc. Then kids came, and I could no longer dedicate 2 hours to working out daily. The workouts became too narrowly focused and not balanced. For example, I would spin for 45 minutes 5 days a week getting great cardio and legs, but no core whatsoever.

Discovering Tessa was one of the greatest things that happened to my workout life. I had more motivation, a coach, and someone to tell me when I am slacking! The most important benefit has been a professional approach to the design of the routines. Each exercise was selected with the knowledge of biomechanics and programmed to target what I was training for at the time.

It’s also been great to have someone to monitor my nutrition and act as a ‘sounding board’ for the meals my wife and I plan at home. I would definitely recommend Tessa to anyone who is serious about getting in shape.

Mike Feinberg, Convexity Capital Management, Harvard Management Company, M5 Systems Inc.

“Two and half years ago, I started working with Tessa. She was recommended to me by a dear friend Lisa who had been raving about training with her for over a year.  At the time, I was out-of-shape and in a bit of personal funk.  So I decided to get back into the gym to at least attempt to address that part of my life. I’d never really worked out with a personal trainer before but was convinced a trainer would help accelerate my road back to fitness.

Tessa absolutely did that and more! She assessed my fitness level, identified my fitness goals, and proceeded to motivate and inspire me back into shape.  And as I ventured into different sports & activities, Tessa continuously modified our workouts to specifically strengthen those body parts involved in those activities.

A year later, I successfully ran my first marathon in Boston with a very respectable time.  Tessa definitely played a big part in that personal success, as well as the lack of injury during training and the speed of post-race recovery.  Tessa’s customized workouts, her motivational style and knowledge of fitness & nutrition all contributed to my own personal transformation, not only to a more fit body, but also a more fit lifestyle.  I would highly recommend Tessa to anyone.”

Will Lin, Sales Engineer

When I met Tessa I was going through one of the hardest times in my life – a divorce and a career upheaval. Working with Tessa, I gained a confidence I didn’t know I had. I trained with Tessa for almost three years on and off until she moved away from Boston. I continued to work on my fitness and health, staying committed to my whole-being-wellness. I rebuilt my life, fell in love again, and was in a place that felt grounded and healthy. For past last two years, I tried my hardest to follow the workouts she had mapped out for me. I even gave group classes at a gym but nothing was quite like working with Tessa. I was losing my motivation and struggling to reconnect with that feeling of drive and commitment to my health and fitness.

Now that she is offering Skype groups for her Boston clients, I knew I wanted IN immedietly. Within one week, my energy was back! And, I am actually looking forward to getting up in the morning and working out again. As I continue to work with Tessa, I am realizing I haven’t really lost anything. It is all still inside of me. I just needed the support and guidance. I can’t wait to continue on this journey!”


I can’t believe after only 2 weeks working with Tessa my shoulder is feeling so much better. Forty sessions of physical therapy over 1½ years did not do for me what she could in just two weeks. She really knows her stuff and had me moving in safe ways that still allow me to reach my personal fitness goals. If that was not wonderful enough, she has proven she can work with any age at any level of ability as my two children work out with me side by side. We are spending quality time together while moving and learning tons of great nutrition ideas. Don’t waste any more time, sign up now!

Leslie Pierini

“Tessa is a knowledgeable professional who motivates you to keep working and constantly changes up routines to keep the workout fresh. When I began, I had not done strength training for more than 5 years. Tessa mapped out a plan and followed it. She listened and closely monitored my progress. She taught me that personal success should be ongoing and measured along the way, rather than a single goal or outcome.

The best part about working with Tessa is that she is practical and realistic, and she instills knowledge that can be applied every day and in every aspect of my life. I steadily increased my routine and now work out 4-5 times a week. I find myself using what I learn in each session and applying it to other areas: nutrition, work, physical and personal challenges. The results have been amazing both mentally and physically and continue to motivate me! It was worth the investment.”

Urvi Mujumdar, MPH. Senior Consultant, Cardinal Health

“I was brought to Tessa via a friend who listened to my frustrations with trying to guide myself back to health. Just a few years back I was in great shape, felt energized, able to make good food choices, and most importantly, felt confident as a person. This all changed over the past two years.

Just at the end of my previous workout regime, I had injured my shoulder and never had the funds to properly diagnose it. On top of that I re-enrolled in a full-time vigorous two-year school program. I had no idea that over the next few years I was going to stop exercising altogether and start to eat terribly almost every day of the week. And to no surprise I gained roughly 25 pounds, lacked energy, had no motivation, and most of all, lost my confidence.

Then I met Tessa and was reminded of how good it felt to be surrounded by others with the same goal to live a healthy, happy, and balanced life. I have felt refreshed and motivated since working with them. I am eating better again and have started including daily breakfast – something I never did before!

As for my physical well-being, the movement and strength improvement in my shoulder has been amazing as well as the rest of my body. I’ve never had good flexibility, but now I can even touch my toes! I have stopped favoring my shoulder, and can even do quite a few rounds of push-ups again! Though I am still far from my goals, I recognize that it’s an ongoing process, and it’s so nice to know that I have the support and enthusiasm from these Tessa and I continue to take time for ME!”

Kira Marino, X-ray technologist

“When considering what goes into a healthful lifestyle, I’m someone who finds eating a nourishing diet, much easier (and more fun) than working out. For the past 10 years, when I’ve mustered up the motivation to get into a consistent workout routine, I’ve always ended up with an injury. These setbacks were incredibly frustrating and discouraging.

Working with Tessa in the year before my wedding and also the following year while pregnant allowed me, for the first time, to get into a consistent workout routine and avoid getting injured!  I always felt that Tessa really listened to my needs and respected what my body could handle, while at the same time pushing me just enough beyond my comfort zone.

She is a natural born cheerleader and her enthusiasm for all things health and wellness is infectious. Tessa was a constant reminder to take deep breaths and also stretch (and foam roll!) to take care of my muscles – while holding me accountable for this homework in between our sessions. She was always creative in her workouts, which helped keep me motivated and reach my goals.”

Elizabeth McGann Heald, Founder and Nutrition/Wellness Coach at Live Whole Live Well

“I have to say, even though I’ve completed only my first week I am amazed at how I feel after I leave the workout! I have done a few different modes of working out but this has been by far the best that I have found.

I feel relaxed and REALLY enjoy my sessions so far with them! My body feels amazing after I leave and I don’t feel pressured to compete with others. I truly enjoy it so far and look forward to many more sessions! I need to thank my wife for telling me to talk with you, but most off I’m thankful for what you do!! Enjoy your weekend and look forward to next week!”

Dennis Rockwell, Firefighter

“Tessa has great energy, loves to motivate people, and is extremely knowledgeable as a personal trainer and health coach! I have worked with Tessa in a group setting as well as one on one. She has the ability to modify any exercise in order to push me to reach my goals while carefully keeping an eye on any injuries or limitation I may have at the time.

She also keeps things fresh by giving me new workouts all the time that enhance my already active lifestyle (e.g., run, paddleboard, running races and tennis). Tessa is by far one of the best trainers and health coaches I have ever worked with!

Michelle Sullivan, Girls On The Run Coach

“Tessa is full of energy and always using that enthusiasm to motivate you to make healthy decisions. She constantly has insight into helping you understand what is keeping you back from being your most vibrant and healthy self.

Her programing is fun, invigorating and totally a good use of time. It’s not about being perfect but about being your best self, both physically and emotionally.”


“I was fortunate to meet Tessa when she first moved to Rhode Island, and we were doing small group training with a group of my closest friends. She inspired us to work hard to achieve our goals, which she took a personal interest in. With her infectious positive attitude and clear intentions, she would guide us through innovative and fun workouts, while constantly monitoring our form and encouraging us to listen to our bodies.

Tessa – you have a passion for helping others. I always knew how driven and determined you were in your vision of creating a unique and special platform to inspire people to live their best lives. BTW your choice in music is still unbeaten!! Congratulations on what’s to come!”

Mary McGeough, Owner ReVIVE Salon

“Training with Tessa has greatly improved my overall health and has transformed my workouts to a completely different fitness level. After being a member at the gym for years, I thought I was in decent shape but an hour consultation with Tessa proved differently and made me re-evaluate my health and fitness. Initially I was intimidated about personal training, but Tessa made me laugh and feel good about myself as I worked toward my goal.

Our fun but challenging weekly sessions significantly increased my strength, endurance and muscle tone. I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about starting or changing their fitness routine. You will see and feel results! Her dedication to my personal goals continue to motivate me in and outside of the gym – whether it is pushing myself to reach fitness goals  or trying new healthy recipes. Working with Tessa produced much more than a toned body though; it gave me a new sense of self confidence and a better outlook on life.

Charlotte Rous, Public Relations Associate Director

“I absolutely loved working with Tessa.  I trained with Tessa right before my wedding.  She was extremely motivating, very high energy, and always switched up our workouts.  Tessa was really good about constantly checking-in with me. She had me keep a food journal which we went over weekly. Anytime I had any questions, I would email her, and she always got back with me with answers to my questions.

I realized that it was ok to “fall off the bandwagon” because she taught me how to pick myself up and keep on going. Her support got me through! I reached my goals with Tessa and had a wonderful wedding! I still check in with her now and then and continue to learn new life-changing tips. Most importantly, I have learned that it’s the combination of what you eat,  your workouts, and your mindset that truly change your life. Thank you Tessa!”

Maria Scerri Godzik, Accreditation Specialist at Harvard Medical School

“I am an active tennis player and contacted Tessa about improving flexibility to move and play better. Tessa did a great job understanding my body and designed a specific program that greatly improved my range of motion, core strength and body posture. Tessa smartly combined functional training, yoga related stretching exercises with core strengthening. I felt great both after our sessions and throughout the summer as I played tons of matches free from nagging pre-and post match aches and pains.

Paul A.

“As someone who ran track and cross country all throughout my middle-school and high-school years, I never had to think about my weight or staying in shape; Being on a team forced me to stay active almost every single day. When I got to college, however, like many others at a loss for a routine, I started on a downward spiral with my physical fitness, and continued in that direction until my senior year in college.

Tessa came into my life when I needed help most. Living on my own for the first time in my life after college, I don’t know how I would have survived that first winter if she hadn’t been in my life to motivate me. Tessa’s motto – “It’s your body, it’s YOUR life”, resonated with me right away, and I was immediately inspired and affected by her contagious enthusiasm. She pushed me to get up, bundle up, and get myself outside, even in the freezing cold weather — NO excuses!!!.

Tessa helped me get into the best shape of my life that winter. Learning to treat my body with that much love and respect made me feel on top of the world! And, if I had been aware of how important nutrition was during my high school years of running, I know I would have flourished even more not only athletically, but also in all other aspects of my life. She taught me how easy it was to break down and understand nutrition labels, make time to cook and make healthy choices with real food that would leave me satisfied. Tessa – your influence has forever changed my life for the better… in so many ways!

Meri Woodford, Senior Guest Services and Sales Representative

“I met Tessa during one of the darkest points of my life. I was 100 pounds overweight, a new mom and going through a divorce. Not only was my body broken down but so was my spirit. I had taken a spin class that Tessa taught, and I immediately knew she had the compassion and drive to help me achieve my goals. I hired her to be my personal trainer, but what I didn’t realize was that she would give me more than just a fabulous figure.

Not only did she help me reach my goal weight, but Tessa also helped restore my self confidence and security — two things I’d never experienced before in my adult years. While I was shedding pounds and toning my muscles, I was also ridding myself of all the pain and self hate I’d carried around for years. She pushed me to conquer emotional and physical goals I’d never dreamed possible. I walked into the divorce courtroom with my head held high and ran my first half marathon with a respectable time. It was Tessa’s determination, passion and genuine care for me that helped me believe in myself. I am so happy that I get to call her a friend today.”

Mandy McLoughlin, CMO of Million Dollar Mandy/ Marketing Maven and Social Media Guru

At some point in our lives we all met a teacher/coach that impacts and changes our lives for the better. The coach that changed my life is Tessa Hollyn Taub. It is hard to remember my feeling before I met Tessa because I am now a completely different person thanks to her. Before I met Tessa, I had no idea what a healthy lifestyle was because I was misinformed and very confused.

My doctor was very concerned for my cholesterol and diabetic family history. However, Tessa taught me that with the right knowledge of nutrition, I did not have to be afraid of food; I would naturally start to make the right decisions for my body. Now I don’t have high cholesterol, and my family is starting to slowly make healthier choices too. Through Skype, Tessa taught me how to workout effectively from home by teaching me proper form and how to use any household item as a workout tool. Each week these workouts kicked my butt. Yet, every week I got stronger.

Tessa also helped me develop a stronger self-esteem. I used to hate looking in the mirror because I didn’t like how my body looked. Now, I’ve gained enough confidence to wear a dress for the first time in my life at my college graduation. I am very lucky to have a coach like Tessa. Her coaching not only showed me how to live a healthy lifestyle, but she also coached me on how to become a problem solver not a problem seeker.  No matter what obstacle I gave, Tessa helped me find a solution.

Stephanie Aguilar, Math Teacher and Tutor at Diego Hill’s Charter School

“I began my journey 7 years ago towards sustainable health when I started dating Tessa. For me, it was never about having to lose weight or get in better shape. I have been an athlete my whole life. I spent years seeking the physical rush and mental high that intense exercise delivered, eating extremely cheap and processed foods, and living a very extreme lifestyle. As a result, I was in a lot of chronic pain.

Little did I know, I could change my life completely by changing the foods that I ate, by listening to my body rather than pushing through pain. Discovering chia seeds and low sodium foods were instrumental to my new routine. Tessa never, not once, forced her daily habits on me. In watching her develop her routine, I saw its strength and was moved to jump on the bandwagon. She had all this energy all the time; she cooked and ate simple and delicious food; and she made grocery shopping and healthy eating so fun!

Within a year of making changes, I realized my body completely changed and was re-energized. Following Tessa’s recommendations I was able to place  2nd overall in a 5k beach run, then in the 99th percentile in an adventure race without any physical training just simply shifting my nutritional habits. I’ve been able to manage my joint pain and inflammation by exchanging activities that don’t work for me and replacing them with others that lead towards recovery and balance.

Also, having access to her professional network of physical therapists and chiropractors, I know I am always in good hands! My personal views on the health of the planet complement’s Tessa’s vision for a healthy human future. As we strive to grow our own food, Tessa has connected me with the farming community which has been a huge blessing and inspiration for our own garden project and our future family!  Very lucky to have this expert as my wife!”

Daniel Woodford, Owner & Operator of Two Brothers Painting

When I met Tessa I was going through one of the hardest times in my life – a divorce and a career upheaval. Working with Tessa, I gained a confidence I didn’t know I had. I trained with Tessa for almost three years on and off until she moved away from Boston. I continued to work on my fitness and health, staying committed to my whole-being-wellness. I rebuilt my life, fell in love again, and was in a place that felt grounded and healthy. For past last two years, I tried my hardest to follow the workouts she had mapped out for me. I even gave group classes at a gym but nothing was quite like working with Tessa. I was losing my motivation and struggling to reconnect with that feeling of drive and commitment to my health and fitness.

Now that she is offering Skype groups for her Boston clients, I knew I wanted IN immedietly. Within one week, my energy was back! And, I am actually looking forward to getting up in the morning and working out again. As I continue to work with Tessa, I am realizing I haven’t really lost anything. It is all still inside of me. I just needed the support and guidance. I can’t wait to continue on this journey!”

Robin Combs, Construction Supervisor and Consultant at Combs Construction

“I worked with Tessa for a year leading up to my wedding. It was a time of great change in my life as I juggled a busy career and personal life. I could feel the balance tipping in my life, and it was at that point that I looked inward to improve the foundation of “me”. I worked with Tessa for nutrition counseling as well as personal training until she moved out of state, and it was not possible to continue.

Tessa and I clicked from the start, she was easy to work with and made me feel like all my questions were meaningful (but I know that most were silly!). She cares. It can feel phony with some people, but Tessa is genuine in her belief that she can help you become a better person, which means something different to everyone. She has the ability to ask the important questions, without feeling like it prying and to reshape your thoughts in a way that can help you understand yourself and your goals better. She works you hard in the gym and helps keep you honest with a diet you set for yourself. My diet was to simply eat healthier – not to cut out every sugar, carb, and toxin in my life. She listened to me and guided me.

When I first met Tessa, I had never eaten lettuce, soda was my main beverage and I’m not sure I knew what a whole grain was.  I had quit smoking cigarettes the year before, but had come to realize that was the start of my personal journey, but it couldn’t be the end.  I had achieved many scholastic goals in my life, but had somehow managed to avoid any understanding of nutrition and basic concepts of strength training and cardio. The knowledge Tessa taught me I used to continue on with my personal goals. I have two children, and I can now prepare dinners for my young kids, smiling and knowing it’s completely different from how I experienced food as a child. I’m grateful for Tessa for helping me to make that change.”

Melissa Heffernan

“As Tessa’s husband, I am a living, sleeping, eating and breathing example of what can happen when your get the chance to work with her.  She is filled with an unbeatable combination of wisdom, dedication, compassion, and magic that is hard to put your finger on. I have learned powerful information about what foods work for me which has made an incredible difference in my life. I never had any idea how significant these minor changes could be.

Her knowledge and dedication is impressive. Whether it’s nutrition, exercise, or simply good life advice she is sharp, on top of the latest science, and walks the talk that she teaches/motivates/inspires others as well. She has a unique way with people and an incredible talent for attracting other absolutely amazing people. And I can honestly say that having access to specialists in her professional network (physical therapy, and chiropractic care) has also been huge in keeping me healthy and active. My wife/coach has continued to change my world!”