The most precious thing YOU own. You can’t trade it in. You can’t return it.

Own it. or Hate it.

It’s Your body.

You choose.

We spend every waking moment in our bodies.

It’s the only place we have to live.

Those moments where you hate your body. Every inch. You look in the mirror and you just want to tear yourself apart.

It can be exhausting.

Then there are moments when you see yourself for so much more than what a mirror can reflect back at you.

Those are the moments you know are precious.

I want to be real with you.

It might not be easy.

The journey to accepting and being grateful for the most precious thing you own.


You can’t trade it in. You can’t return it.

Of course you can spend money altering it. Changing it.

You can also spend endless hours making it look different.

Using Nutrition. Fitness. Makeup. Photoshop:) You name it…

At the end of the day you have to live in it.

It’s your body.

The journey to accepting what you see in the mirror is one I am extremely familiar with.

My personal journey has been one hell of a ride.

Being in an industry that focuses so much on how to change our bodies. Taking away a chance to possibly appreciate what we have. Instead of everything we don’t have.

We spend so much time wanting our bodies and our life to look different.

Not nearly enough time appreciating and owning everything we already have.

Only you can decide to stop feeding into the idea of why your body is not good enough.

You can choose to let marketing, advertising and the voice of others have a positive impact on your life. It can encourage, motivate and inspire you to truly continue to take control of your health.

The other alternative is allowing these outside influences to destroy your ability to live your life and truly make changes towards your health.

This is a very familiar feeling that many can relate to.

There is so much freedom that comes from appreciating what we have.

Instead of everything we don’t have.

It also gives our bodies a chance to breathe. While also having the chance to change if it is meant to. Instead of forcing your body to see drastic, extreme changes in a strict time frame.

Imagine finding a way with less pressure and stress.

Pressure and stress can hold our bodies back. All these rules and regulations we put on our bodies can create a roller coaster of results that lead to an exhausting life.

You have a choice.

Hate it. Which can suck the life out of you.

{It’s like choosing to frown vs. smile. It takes more muscles to frown than smile. Why would you choose to waste your energy frowning when smiling is so much easier?}

You can choose to OWN IT.

Owning it leads to a whole new level of appreciation. You can spend the time and energy taking care of your body in more ways than just what it looks like.

As summer rolls in I want to remind you that YOU have a choice.

Own it. Or Hate it.

Some days you are going to catch yourself in the same exact cycle of BS about how your body just sucks.  _____insert all the things you hate…..

Let it humble you.

Cherish the days where what you look like on the outside is secondary to how you actually feel about your life.

Shifting your perspective on the fact that your body is the most precious item you own.

It’s your vehicle. It carried you through the best days and your worst days. Regardless of how you have treated it. It’s still yours. It didn’t leave you. It can’t. But it will fight back. Trust me, it will teach you a lesson. In ways you might not realize.

Our bodies are listening. If you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you.

YOU have the power to hate it, or OWN IT.

I want you to take this opportunity to choose.

Are you going to spend the rest of your life hating your body?

I hope you take the time to OWN IT. Live in it. Every inch of your body. The parts you want to change and the parts you think are badass. Life is already overwhelming. Let’s take a load off and shift our mindsets. Don’t waste anymore of your life wishing for a body that is not yours.

Summer is coming and the demands to be beach ready are obnoxious. Sorry I said it. It can trigger me too, even after 20 years of being an athlete and 12 years as a professional in the fitness, health and wellness field.

So, I get it.

Let’s just make a choice and OWN IT.

Choose health and vitality over image driven goals. You might just find yourself checking yourself out and loving what you see.

I would love to know: how are YOU going to OWN IT?

Please share in the comments. I would love for you to share your strategies and words of wisdom.

We have to remember we are not alone and we have the power to inspire others with our actions and words.

To a kickass 2017 summer!!

Xoxox THT

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