The K E Y ingredient YOU keep forgetting about to reach your health goals…

#Truth: The key to your health and fitness goals is always going to depend on your individual situation. For some people, it can be as simple as drinking more water or swapping out soda for an all-natural ice tea. It could be getting in 30 minutes of walking and strength training 3 x a week.

For others, it is 100% NOT that simple.

To be honest, for all of us, it is usually always changing.

However there’s one secret ingredient we don’t talk enough about that can help everyone


Specifically, the magic comes when you create boundaries and know when to let go of relationships that are really toxic.

What the hell does that even mean?

Buckle your seatbelts, people. Grab a pen and paper, ‘cause we are diving in!

Human relationships. They are powerful beyond belief. Our words and actions have the power to truly hurt people, or change someone’s world for the better.

We also have the power to choose and foster the relationships in our own lives.

Why would you ever have friends and significant others who made you feel less than? We want the humans in our life to help us grow and to be honest and truthful with us, but we do not need people to make us feel like utter sh*t. Sadly, sometimes we don’t even realize there are people in our life that trigger us until we get real about what’s holding us back.

You have to be willing to do the work in creating a life filled with supportive human relationships. Especially if you want long term results with your fitness and wellness goals. I highly recommend a support system, accountability buddies, confiding in your best friends, and possibly seeking professional help to guide and support you while YOU take action in the goals and the life YOU are craving.

My husband Daniel is one of the most influential people in my life. He has been steady and patient in truly understanding my addictive and self destructive behavior. Instead of wishing I would be someone else, he loves the sh*t out of me and has never asked me to change.

He stood by my side while I did the work to create a sane, healthier relationship with exercise and food. This process evolved as we moved through different phases of life together.

I never once demanded that he change, either, but early on he decided that he wanted to feel better in his body, too. Slowly and steadily, his life completely changed and his body felt better than it had in years. I look back at our journeys and am so grateful that he too saw the benefits of going above and beyond to create a stronger foundation together.

Together, we both do the work. This is not always easy but it has benefitted not only us as individuals, but our relationship as well.

The more we take care of ourselves, the more energy we actually have to be in a relationship. Not just with others but with ourselves. And at the end of the day, THAT is the most important relationship of all.

Here’s how to tell if you are killing it with the humans in your life. These signs are pretty simple, yet sometimes we all need to be reminded.
  • They let you be YOU. They get YOU.

  • They give you space to have breakdowns and tons of “ugly cry” moments.

  • They are curious – not judgmental – about how you choose to live your life.

  • They are willing to honor when you are going out of your way to live a healthy lifestyle, without questioning you all the time or pressuring you to eat or drink differently.

  • They make you feel important.

  • They ask tons of questions about your life.

  • They are always on time and when they do need to reschedule, they give you plenty of notice.

  • They are willing to tell you the truth, even if it might hurt a little.

  • They call you out when you need it.

  • They go out of their way to do things with you that you truly love, and you do the same for them.

PLEASE feel free to add to this list_____________ + SHARE in the comments!

Now, here are some sample questions you can ask yourself to find out if you are in a toxic relationship.
  • Do you feel empty and crappy after hanging out with them?

  • Do they tease and manipulate you to do things that make you feel like sh*t?

  • Do they exhibit abusive behavior?

  • Do they take advantage of you?

  • Do they question and fight everything you say?

  • Do they constantly reschedule or run late?

  • Are you always catching them in lies or “half truths”?

  • Are they always complaining about everyone and everything? In other words, are they constantly judgmental?

  • Do they spend time making fun of your body and putting you down?

PLEASE feel free to add to this list_____________ + SHARE in the comments!

These are some of the major signs (RED FLAGS) that you are hanging out with humans who are holding you back from having a healthy body and mind.

Take a moment to make a list of people in your life who fit both categories.

And then – #TAKEACTION if you are needing to create healthy relationships that fuel YOUR lifestyle.

Here are couple of Action Steps to get you started:

  1. Find ways to stop spending time with people who are holding you back.

  2. Create boundaries. If you struggle with this or don’t really know how to do this, I plan to dedicate an entire post to the topic of “boundaries” soon!

  3. Confront them. Yes, you can do this. Tell them the truth about how they make you feel. You might actually surprise yourself with the relationships you can create, and you will gain inner strength you never knew you had!

These are just a few action steps. PLEASE, take the time NOW to come up with ones that work for YOU.

Understand that these steps are crucial to having a healthy mind and to truly feeling supported in your fitness and wellness goals. Whether it be your significant other, your best friends, your co-workers, or the person you get your coffee from – you need to remember that anyone and anything can affect you.

I would love to know if how it goes once YOU, TAKE ACTION. Send me an email by replying back to this email or feel free to leave comments over on the blog! You might just encourage someone else to take action as well. We can’t do this alone.


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I hope everyone has a fun filled holiday weekend. Great opportunity to spend time thinking about the relationships in your life. I want to encourage you to nourish your bodies with fun activities and REAL FOOD!

Three day weekends are always a good excuse to Breathe.Move.Love.

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