See here is the thing. There was a time I would make all these excuses. I usually never said them out loud. I just let them take up brain space.

You feel me?

I need to, have to, want to  ________ FILL IN THE BLANK

I was someone who needed to “slow down” and stop “doing it all.” Over time I kept getting burnt out and realized little by little that I needed to make major changes in my business and life.

About seven years ago, I slowly designed my business to reflect what I was craving my life to look like. I found a stride to my business and financially I was doing really well, but deep down I knew I was ready to rebuild my business in a direction that felt scary. I had to push the excuses aside.

The struggle is REAL but it has been worth it.

For a while that meant “slowing down.”

I can LIVE LIFE in all dimensions
 That’s my motto.

I spent years mastering what was going to work for me. I also know that I am constantly re-evaluating what is working and not working. (I plan to dive into this next week …lots of juicy info on this topic that is a direct relationship to your health + fitness goals.)

Let’s just cut that mind chatter up with TAKING ACTION. I want to help YOU get out of YOUR head and into YOUR body.

Your BODY is the most precious vehicle to showing up in life. To be present. Don’t be afraid to figure out what you need to be present in YOUR body. Being in YOUR body is key to figuring out what works for YOU. I believe it is the only way to achieve long term success with YOUR fitness, health and overall wellness goals.

Let’s get started TODAY.

NOT tomorrow.

PLEASE (pretty please) Stop everything you are doing.

YOU need one minute.

Don’t even try to make an excuse.

I SEE you. I HEAR you. I GET IT. And I know it’s tough.

Don’t tell me you just wasted a minute trying to pull that crap with me. Let’s get down to business.

Let’s get out of YOUR head and into YOUR body.

Close your eyes.

Place one hand on your heart and one hand on your belly.

Breathe through your nose.

Get connected to your breath.


Stand up.

Start to move your body to the beat of your own music.

Just move.

Don’t over think it.


YOU DID IT. You spent one minute getting out of YOUR head and into YOUR body. It can be that simple.

There are so many variations and ways to go about doing this. If this does not work for you, that’s okay. Find something that does. I plan to share more variations as well as great ways to bring corrective exercise and functional training to your everyday life.

If you need a song recommendation, Selah by Emeli Sande is on the top of my Breathe.Move.Love playlist this month.

DO YOU want access to my badass MAY playlist?

Here’s the deal.

Shoot me an email back letting me know how you feel after you do this. I will then send you my May playlist for FREE, no strings attached.

Just thought you should know, I rarely give my playlists away. I want to give YOU an incentive. I know I love incentives, so I only think it is fair I send YOU a playlist.

I want you to know the second you dedicate to being in YOUR BODY you are going to see major shifts in your life.

If you don’t then we need to talk. It will take time. It’s not like unicorns will start flying and your life will be rainbows and butterflies.

I can promise it will be worth it. Just be patient.

I’m excited to bring you a couple mini video blogs to help guide YOU, out of YOUR head and into YOUR body. Stay tuned they are coming soon!!!

xoxo THT

P.S. If you already feel you are living life in all dimensions? I would love to know your key action steps to making this happen.

P.S.S Its getting hot on the east coast. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen and drink lots of water. #helopcoptormom / #healthadvocate 🙂


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