As a competitive athlete, being part of a team has shaped who I am today. I love every aspect of working together and being held accountable to perform, achieve, and succeed. I spent years struggling with my addiction to exercise, relationship to food and my body.   Underneath all the intricate layers was a beautiful and messy journey.

I am grateful to know it will forever be changing as I go through different phases of my life. I am honored to motivate and empower thousands of individuals and groups to reach goals they never thought possible, using an approach stemming from my own personal growth and development throughout my athletic and professional career.  This knowledge and experience has been my driving force to create something bigger than myself, a revolution on paving YOUR own path. A way of LIFE that you are wide awake for.

Over the last 14 years, I have been diligently seeking out ground breaking knowledge to create a coaching formula to guide clients and athletes of all ages and abilities to see the bigger picture, carve out time for themselves, and develop strategies that work for them. While creating realistic ACTION STEPS, pushing them out of their comfort zones to realize their full potential . Are you ready to realize yours?


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I fell in love with participating and competing in sports at a very young age. In high school, I dedicated myself to tennis and ended up starting as a freshman at American University. I’ll never forget the feeling of winning our conference and qualifying for the NCAA tournament as a team that same year. As a junior, I decided to transfer to Washington State to play tennis in the PAC-10 and went on to finish my major in Communications with a concentration in Sports Marketing and minor in Sociology.

After completing my Bachelors degree, I moved to Boston to work in sports marketing for the well-renowned firm, Conventures. However, after three months, I was approached to interview for an apprenticeship as a personal trainer at Boston Sports Club, which ultimately turned into my future career. In Boston I worked closely with some of the most knowledgeable and successful fitness professionals and physical therapists in the area. Within my first year at BSC, I built a steady clientele, was promoted quickly to Master Trainer, was top in my district for sales, and began teaching a variety of different classes including functional training, cycling, barre, and yoga. I also was a cycling instructor at Equinox.

BSC and Equinox kept me busy, but I wanted to make myself even more versatile as a coach. So I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN). During my three years with IIN, I functioned as a first-year coach and mentor for incoming classes, benefited from on-going business and transformational development workshops, and started growing my own coaching business on the side. In addition, I started partnering with another IIN health coach/professional chef in Boston to lead monthly nutrition workshops and cooking classes for clients. As I gained more experience in public speaking, I had the opportunity to speak about careers in health and fitness at The University of Rhode Island and Ignite (similar to TED Talks), as well as to corporate groups.

I moved to Narragansett, RI to be with Daniel, my now husband. During the transition, I continued to remotely train my in-home clients in Boston and began to grow my clientele using Skype and phone sessions. While building my business in Rhode Island, I worked privately with clients, taught classes at several Newport studios (Pulse Newport, Bellevue Barre and Newport Athletic Club), and worked as a fitness specialist at the Naval Academy. I was also honored in Newport as “Best of” in the Mercury Love Awards and nominated as 2016 Entrepreneurial Women to Watch in Rhode Island.

Fast forward to 2021 I have been able to continue and grow my online business now for over a decade.  I am honored to have International clients as as well as all over the US. I offer in-person coaching in my private at home studio as well as larger corporate events and retreats. In Feb of 2019 my husband and I welcomed our daughter Sky and in July we are welcoming a brand new baby. I feel blessed to be able to continue to maintain a business that truly fills my soul while also being a mother and wife.

Being involved in my community and giving back has always been a huge part of my life. While living in Boston, I fundraised for and participated in the 270 mile bike ride from Boston to NYC for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). I also volunteered locally at several non-profit organizations including Healthworks, Rosie’s Place, Taste of the Nation, and Habitat For Humanity. I had the incredible opportunity to volunteer with my husband for Art in Tanzania, where we taught math and English to children and adults for two weeks in Tanzania, Africa. Since living in Rhode Island, I’ve mentored many other young professionals, presented free workshops for RI Wellness Nights, and actively participated in the Southern Rhode Island Young Professionals and other business networking organizations. In the yoga community, I’ve held weekly community classes, participated in an after-school enrichment program, and led donation-based classes as an ambassador for Newport Yogis. I’ve also helped to organize and co-lead a very successful fundraising event for Ovarian Cancer. This year we raised 150K and had over 100 participants.

Degrees and professional certifications:

  • Bachelor of Arts major in Communications (concentration in sports marketing) & minor in Sociology (Washington University, WA)
  • Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) earning accreditation from The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and Purchase College, SUNY
  • The Science and Art of Personal Transformation, Marketing, Coaching and Business (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
  • Personal Training, Corrective Exercise Specialist, Neuromuscular Stretch, & YogaFit (National Academy of Sports Medicine)
  • Functional Movement Screen Certified (FMS)
  • Senior and Junior Fit, TRX, Spin (Mad Dogg Athletics), BarSculpt
  • Gabby Bernstein Master Class Level 1
  • 200 Hour Prana Flow Teacher Training with Coral Brown
  • Grey Institute (Chain Reaction Mobility and Stability)
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • CPR and AED



"Tessa is a powerhouse of skill, wisdom, and TRUTH. As a fitness, health, and wellness professional, she knows how to inspire and motivate her clients from the inside out so that they experience transformation that is lifelong and so magical. She is an expert at assisting her clients to tap into their own inner wisdom so they can let go of the trend diet and fad workout experience forever! FREEDOM! Finally, Tessa is a master at helping each client learn how to love and accept themselves both internally and externally which is PRICELESS.   Tessa's heart is as big as the ocean and she leads with Love. I am in awe of her."

Cora Poage

Company : Coach, Speaker, Actress and Founder at Sexy Soul Wellness
Designation :

You are the best health and fitness coach I have ever had, you really made a difference in my life, I can't thank you enough. You changed how I felt in my body and how I saw and treated it for the better. 

Stesha C

Over the past 10 years I have tried it all, home work out videos, going to a gym, paying lots of money for nutrition guidance and personal training, to doing over the top crash diets but none of these things were really working and they were not sustainable at all. To make my mental gymnastics worse when I started my business I had this idea that I had to look the part which to me meant weighting 100 pounds and wearing a size 00. This is not what success looks like and Tessa helped me to realize that. This is where Tessa separates herself from the rest of the industry. She doesn't just put you on some arbitrary plan she listens to what your needs and goals are and guides you as you discover what really matters to you.  She helped me have a better relationship with food and with fitness not only from a physical standpoint but more importantly a mental one.  6 years later I have a successful business that makes me happy and it has nothing to with what I look like but who I am. I highly recommend Tessa, she will rock your world!

– Jaclyn Lombardo Owner of Jaclyn L. Photography

Little did I know, I could change my life completely by changing the foods that I ate, by listening to my body rather than pushing through pain. Within a year of making changes, I realized my body completely changed and was re-energized. I’ve been able to manage my joint pain and inflammation by exchanging activities that don’t work for me and replacing them with others that lead towards recovery and balance.

Daniel Woodford

Company : Owner & Operator of Two Brothers Painting

A year later, I successfully ran my first marathon in Boston with a very respectable time.  Tessa definitely played a big part in that personal success, as well as the lack of injury during training and the speed of post-race recovery. Tessa's customized workouts, her motivational style and knowledge of fitness & nutrition all contributed to my own personal transformation, not only to a more fit body, but also a more fit lifestyle.

Will Lin

Company : Sales Engineer

Tessa helped me get into the best shape of my life that winter. Learning to treat my body with that much love and respect made me feel on top of the world! She taught me how easy it was to break down and understand nutrition labels, make time to cook and make healthy choices with real food that would leave me satisfied. Tessa - your influence has forever changed my life for the better... in so many ways!

Meri Woodford

Company : Senior Guest Services and Sales Representative

Discovering Tessa was one of the greatest things that happened to my workout life. I had more motivation, a coach, and someone to tell me when I am slacking! The most important benefit has been a professional approach to the design of the routines. It’s also been great to have someone to monitor my nutrition and act as a 'sounding board' for the meals my wife and I plan at home. I would definitely recommend Tessa to anyone who is serious about getting in shape.

Mike Feinberg

Company : Convexity Capital Management, Harvard Management Company, M5 Systems Inc.

At some point in our lives we all met a teacher/coach that impacts and changes our lives for the better. The coach that changed my life is Tessa Hollyn Taub. It is hard to remember my feeling before I met Tessa because I am now a completely different person thanks to her. Her coaching not only showed me how to live a healthy lifestyle, but she also coached me on how to become a problem solver not a problem seeker.  No matter what obstacle I gave, Tessa helped me find a solution.

Stephanie Aguilar

Company : Math Teacher and Tutor at Diego Hill’s Charter School

I finally landed in Physical Therapy for an overuse injury in my knees and that led me to find Tessa - my Trainer Extraordinaire - and for 2 and a half years, I worked out twice a week with Tessa. My shoulders that had once suffered separations and dislocations, regained their strength and stability under Tessa’s guidance, and the chronic pain that I had once experienced was finally gone. I now lift and carry on like I did when I was in my 20’s.

Tim Horn

Company : Partner and Director of Services at Riemer and Braunstein LLC

Not only did she help me reach my goal weight, but Tessa also helped restore my self confidence and security -- two things I’d never experienced before in my adult years. While I was shedding pounds and toning my muscles, I was also ridding myself of all the pain and self hate I’d carried around for years. She pushed me to conquer emotional and physical goals I’d never dreamed possible.

Mandy McLoughlin

Company : CMO of Million Dollar Mandy/ Marketing Maven and Social Media Guru

Tessa is not your average fitness trainer. She's a health coach, fitness guru, friend, and a super-warm life coach all wrapped up into one. I love Tessa and feel privileged to have had the opportunity to work with her. Know that A) If you can work with her, you're very lucky; and B) She will 100% - absolutely - change your life.

Corinne Dobbas

Company : MS, RD, RYT, wellness coach, dietitian, yoga teacher, and founder of

I think the secret to Tessa's methodology is creating balance. I used to chase a quick fix to lose weight, get stronger, get rid of back pain, etc. but none of those worked alone. Tessa showed me how to create sustainable and realistic plans to address ALL of these variables

Vald Gritsevsky

Company : Principal Software Engineer at Convexity Capital Management

I’ve been working with Tessa for almost five years and honestly, I look forward to every visit with her. With her encouragement and goal-oriented functional training I have accomplished some of my life goals:  climbing Mt. Washington, swimming in the Save the Bay race, and hiking the Salkantay Trail to Machu Picchu! I am looking forward to the next five years!

Kathryn K. Banner

Company : M.D., Internal Medicine

Working with Tessa, I learned how to move my body the right ways, and as a result, I never sustained any injuries. In fact, working with Tessa is quite the opposite. She helped prepare my body for the intense outdoor activities that I continue to participate in my 70’s - extended bicycle riding trips and extreme canoeing adventures.

Norman Zalkind

Company : Owner at Zalkind Duncan & Bernstein LLP (Best Lawyers in America/Boston Magazine's “Super Lawyer”)

Tessa is a one-of-a-kind personal trainer and health coach. Not one to shy away from being the most up-to-date, knowledgeable and creative, a session with her reveals her immense preparation and skill and complete understanding of what it’s like to be in “this” body.      

Diana Cullum-Dugan

Company : registered dietitian, nutrition therapist, yoga therapist
Designation :

I thought you might like to know that I am officially nicotine and alcohol free for over 3 years, finished my 2nd Boston Marathon in 2:40:30 in 2015, and on track to crush that time this April 2016. It's true. We all have a chance to start over and live the life we were meant to have. You inspire me. You're so badass. I love you and miss you!

Michael FitzPatrick

Company : Manager at Summer Shack