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Tessa Hollyn Taub is someone who OOZES passion from the inside out. She’s got a knack for telling you like it is, which I’ve found is rare. It’s truly what makes her such a remarkably powerful coach! I know you’re going to feel inspired by Tessa’s story of how her community saved her and continues to play such a vital role in her health and happiness.

Get ready for a #raw and #real interview that will leave you feeling that ANYTHING you set your mind to is possible.

2014 Guest Speaker at University of Rhode Island. Talking to over one hundred Kinesiology students class about their career path after college.
2012-2015 Co-Taught  The Ovarian Ride Newport with Shaun Jenkins, Head Coach at Tone House in New York City.  The fundraiser has gone from raising 75k-150k and over 100 riders every year. Want to ride or help fundraiser? Email for more information.

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2015 Tessa was chosen to speak at Ignite on “How Community Saved me and How it Can Save the World.” Very similar to Ted Talks, Ignite’s tagline is Enlighten us but make it quick!

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Summer of 2015 Tessa was chosen to be a Newport Yogi Ambassador and partnered with Bike Newport for community classes on the beach followed by leading them on local Ocean Rides.


2017 Guest Speaker at MTTI (MotoRing Technical Training Institute ).

For More Information : “Education for Employment.”


What the staff and students had to say:

Thanks Tessa Hollyn Taub! Your energy is unmatched! So helpful! -Christopher Raymond (Head PT Instructor at MTT)

Tessa met with our Personal Fitness Trainer students, and after leaving a lasting impression on them we asked her to come back to meet with the medical students. All of our students have so much going on in their lives outside of school and when you combine that with a heavy workload, it can be overwhelming. Tessa talked to them about the importance of putting yourself first, using real life examples from willing students. She brought them through her Breathe.Move.Love. signature program, which left them in awe and wanting more! Tessa’s energy, truth, and drive to help others is contagious and we welcome her back anytime. We can’t thank Tessa enough for coming in and helping to better our staff and students from the inside out!  -Ali Ring (Career Services Representative)

So thankful to MTTI for bringing It’s Your Body, It’s Your Life LLC in to work with us medical students! What a great experience! Love yourself and don’t be afraid/ashamed to put yourself first. I felt so relaxed after our session. Thank you -Ashley

This woman is a VERY UNIQUE! She came to our school at MTTI to talk to the Personal Fitness Class and she definitely left a lasting impression on us. She was able to sit down with the entire graduating class and talk to us, I mean really talk to us. She didn’t just talk to us about the career that we chose, she also spoke to us about LIFE! One thing that she did have us do was a breathing exercise. ..yes, BREATHING…and what got to me is that I do some breathing exercises with some of my clients I work with, but I have never carved out the time to do them myself…but when we did it. I got VERY HOT, I EVEN STARTED TO SWEAT! *and a little tear was trying to sneak out* but in a good way. Not because it was difficult but because of some of the tension/stress that I had built up in me and I was able to relieve some of it… since then I’ve been working on incorporating more breathing exercise in my routines. If you want to have someone be truthful and straight forward but still have compassion and be caring .. then this lady is for you all the way! P.s. she should definitely go and talk to the the NEXT class…