KILLING it in 2017

It’s my B I R T H D A Y….let’s “TWERK” first 🙂

I have never been one to make new year’s resolutions. When my birthday comes around I spend a lot of time alone reflecting on the entire year. The highs and the lows. This past trip around the sun has honestly been some of the most drastic highs and lows.

The lows were some of the lowest I have ever felt. Looking back, I am really proud of myself. I allowed myself to feel every ounce of pain I was going through. Instead of trying to figure it all out I stayed very patient. This low was familiar. I had been here many times before. But, this time it felt different. It was heavier and I knew deep down it was going to last a while. I also knew that the only way through was to not fight it.

My entire existence was tired.

One thing I know how to do and have mastered is showing up. I have shown up on my hardest days. This is a skill I have been so grateful for. My career not only demands it but it is something that has turned into my biggest coaching tool. Coaching my clients on how to take TAKE ACTION, STAY ACCOUNTABLE and most of all to SHOW UP on the best and the worst days is key to longterm success with any health, fitness and lifestyle changes.

My definition of Showing Up: “bringing the best version of you to the table, even when you want to crawl into bed and not be seen. This has nothing to do with showing up “perfectly.” It’s simply showing up just as you are and learning how to own it.”

Most of all I was forgiving with myself in a way that will always be a work in progress.

It’s my BIRTH – DAY, and I am grateful to be here.

It’s been a whirlwind these last couple of months.

I am excited to share highlights of 2017, plus a little glimpse of what’s to come for It’s Your Body, It’s Your Life and the badass humans that continue to build this community with me in-person and online

Bonus: Keep reading for a quick exercise to take action today

+ my top Mothers Day gift

1. Guest spoke at MTTI  (MotoRing Technical Training Institute )

“Tessa met with our Personal Fitness Trainer students, and after leaving a lasting impression on them we asked her to come back to meet with the medical students. All of our students have so much going on in their lives outside of school and when you combine that with a heavy workload, it can be overwhelming. Tessa talked to them about the importance of putting yourself first, using real life examples from willing students. She brought them through her Breathe.Move.Love. signature program, which left them in awe and wanting more! Tessa’s energy, truth, and drive to help others is contagious and we welcome her back anytime. We can’t thank Tessa enough for coming in and helping to better our staff and students from the inside out!”  -Ali Ring (Career Services Representative)

Learn more about MTTI. Click Here

2. Partnering with Eric Wilson Owner of Movement Sciences in Boston for our first Private Event: An Evening of Fitness and Wellness on May 17th 2017        

This event is sold out. If you are local to Boston and want to get on our future guest list reply directly to this email to let me know.

Want to Learn more about Movement Sciences? Click Here.

3. Partnering with other brands for my Signature Breathe.Move.Love Events in San Francisco on June 15th and Los Angeles on June 20th / 21st

If you are local to SF or LA and want to get on our guest list please reply directly to this email.

4. Ethan Plate, owner and creator of the P-Knot invited me early in April, to help spread the word about his product that I use with all my clients and groups at the Discover You Expo Health and Wellness Expo.  

Curious what the P-Knot is? Click here.

It could make a kick ass Mothers Day Gift!  In my humble opinion, everyone should own one. It’s a health and fitness staple. “We all have ‘issues with our tissues.’”

5. Partnered with Eric Wilson of Movement Sciences at the finish line of the Boston Marathon offering a post marathon oasis.

The best highlight from the Boston Marathon. The energy is off the hook all day from start to finish. One of my first clients ever, Michael Fitzpatrick, has been running and training since he lost a close friend to the marathon Bombings in 2013. He finished in 2:43 (6:12 pace). We sat on comm ave and cheered runners on till the sun was setting. #epicday

6. I was interviewed for my first podcast.

I sit down with former national fitness trainer turned podcast host and public speaker Ali Reti, to share my 12 + years experience as a professional in the health and fitness field. Be ready to laugh and cry at the same time.

In case you missed it, CLICK HERE TO LISTEN.

7. Working with the Board of Directors at The Newport Community Center to grow their Non Profit. I’m now working closely with the yoga teachers and board of directors to create a kickstarter campaign. If you are local to Newport you need to check out their classes as well as events including live music and so much more!

Check it out here.

8. Huge changes on my website.

I have been slowly updating my website. As many of you know it can be very expensive and a pain in the ass to update and make a website look and feel the exact way you want it to. I decided to spend time slowly redoing my website on my own. I am excited for the progress to be coming along. It will be in development and changing so keep checking back! Take a look to see the changes as of now. Any feedback is always welcomed.

Check it out here.

9. Anyone try the over the top Starbucks Frappuccino? If you need a good laugh you won’t want to miss this video I made in April: Unicorn Down.

Take Control of what you put into your Body.

Check it out here.

10. Breathe.Move.Love Classes are still going strong locally in Newport RI/ Narragansett + Online  

Fridays 8:25 am and Sundays at 9:15 am (84 Williams Street Newport RI)

Tues/Thurs 6:15 am and 4:30pm and at my private studio location in Narragansett RI (in-person and online options)

More details here.

Curious and want to try out a FREE CLASS. Reply to this email for a free trial.

11. My coaching and mentorship programs are filled with fierce individuals that have been kicking ass at showing up, staying accountable and taking action all year long.

These humans are CHANGE MAKERS and I am grateful to have so many humans willing to do the work so they can kick ass in all aspects of fitness, health and life.

If you have been interested in working with me 1-on-1 or in a group please reach out to me by replying to this email.

12. Excited to release dates for a Fall 2017 retreat on the East Coast.
Even more exciting news on this highlight. Stay tuned. Everyone on my mailing list will get a discount code!

13.  I was approached by Bayberry Inn, a beautifully renovated Bed and Breakfast In Newport RI, to partner this summer with a series of Breathe.Move.Love classes, workshops, farm to table meals and more.

14.  I am Partnering with Juice’d Cafe for their grand opening in Newport on Sunday June 4th. They opened their first location is in Fall River MA and are expanding. I was approached by the owners Stacey Gonsalves and Luis Gonsalves who’s vision is completely aligned with my brand. “It is our goal to cultivate community partnerships that bro, support and nourish healthy lifestyles.”

Read more by clicking here .

These are just a few highlights and I think I need a nap now. =)

How are you doing ?

How is your year going?

How can I help YOU show up? Take Action or help hold you accountable? I would love to know your 2017 highlights.

If you need help taking action I would like you to STOP right now.

Write down 1-3 specific action steps.

Then take ONE action step at a time and set a date to take action.

One of them should be set for today=)

I want to know YOUR ACTION STEPS.

Reply to this email to let me know.

I am here to keep YOU accountable + TAKE ACTION.

#MAY you keep taking action towards your life. 

Xoxo THT

It’s Your Body, It’s Your Life


“It takes someone really brave to be a mother and someone strong to raise a child. And someone special to love someone more than herself.” -Lilly

#MAY you enjoy the things that fill your soul. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want.

Sending you so much love.

P.S.S Best news of 2016  (in case you were wondering)

My brother and sister in law are having a baby. Best news of 2016. Nugget, we don’t know if it is a boy or a girl will be coming out to play in June. Stay tuned…I am one excited Auntie.I am an Auntie to over 6 little ones on my husbands side but this little nugget feels different.

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