Signature Movement Fusion Class (led virtually) 


Team or small private group classes

Schedule once per week or month, or 5-10 session packages available

  • Tessa’s Fusion classes are developed from her 14 years of experience as a fitness & health coach. She fuses yoga, barre, pilates, corrective exercise and functional training into one energizing hour. Every class has a HUGE emphasis on breathing, functional movement and alignment + badass playlists.
  • She always recommends modifications, as you should never feel in pain when you are working out and moving your body. Her classes reflect her dedication to quality vs. quantity for long term results.

Health and wellness is not a one-size fits all experience.  You have one body, and I will give you my full care and attention as I help you train it.

Email me at to get a FREE trail and access to my online platform. 
In person classes are on hold due to Covid 19 + being Pregnant with my 2nd baby. Inquire within to book private team or small group classes and retreats. Booking now until end of June 2021. 
Testimonials: (in person classes)
  • Tessa subbed a yoga class I went to one night and I swear she lit a little fire underneath me! I had to have more so I followed her to her Breathe.Move.Love barre fusion class and it’s my favorite way to start a Sunday! Her energy and her Playlists are food for the soul and body! You don’t even realize what a great workout you’re getting but almost immediately you feel shifts and transformation of your mind and body. With a focus on breathing and getting out of your head, Tessa challenges you physically and emotionally. You will no doubt see huge positive changes in your life! Tessa is truly a special human being and 100% in her calling sharing her love and energy with the world. -Erika Moore, Jamestown RI
  • Tessa’s classes are the highlight of my week. However busy my weekend, I never miss her Breathe.Move.Love class. Tessa’s brilliant concept of getting “into your body and out of your head” stays with me, long after class is over. -Becky Sullivan, Newport RI
  • Breathe.Move.Love is the most unassuming exercise class I have taken. It has a unique balance of soul, heart and kick your butt the next day soreness. The class leaves me feeling refreshed, realigned and confident to head back out into the world.  Not to mention that Tessa takes extreme care to honor ones body and allow the freedom to work at your own level, without injury or judgment.  It is truly an exercise class not only for your physical self, but your mental. -Renee Lavaliere Mcclennan, Newport RIPRIVATE Online Classes: (held on Zoom, google hangout, Skype, FaceTime)
Please don’t hesitate to message for further guidance.